Which Fleet?

Which Fleet?

Entries for Optimists in regattas are often divided into 3 fleets - Open Fleet, Intermediate Fleet and Green Fleet:

Open Fleet

The Open Fleet may be scheduled to sail more races and spend longer on the water than other divisions depending on regatta conditions and scheduling. The target wind conditions are approx. 4kts to 25 plus kts. Boats that do not finish in the time limit will be scored DNF. By entering the Open Fleet a sailor is accepting a challenge to test their skills not only against the best sailors at the event but also in the conditions, which may be variable and physically demanding. 

Open Fleet Time on Water: Approx. 4-5 Hours

Open Fleet Wind Limit: 25+ knots

Intermediate Fleet

The Intermediate Fleet is intended to provide a full race experience for developing sailors without the physical demands of Open Fleet or the frustration of being scored “Did Not Finish”.

The Intermediate Fleet will race under the full Racing Rules of Sailing. The Intermediate Fleet will be scheduled to sail up to 3 races on any day depending on regatta conditions and scheduling. The target maximum wind threshold is approximately 20 knots.

Who should think about entering the Intermediate Fleet?

  1. Developing sailors (any age) who have raced in Open Fleet before and regularly either “timed out” or have consistently finished in the back 25% of Open Fleet at other Optimist regattas.
  2. Perhaps consider the best Optimist sailors at your Club and think about whether you are able to finish within 10 minutes of them in all wind conditions in particular very light (<6kts) or heavy (>18kts).
  3. Emerging sailors who have sailed in Green Fleet at other regattas and are looking to transition to the Open Fleet.
  4. Younger sailors who may be more experienced but find the long days in Open Fleet too demanding. 

Intermediate Fleet Time on Water: Approx. 3-4 Hours

Intermediate Wind Limit: 20 knots

Green Fleet

Green Fleet is where our junior sailors start their big-regatta experience. All children start at different ages and progress at different levels. The green fleet is not a learn to sail program, rather it is structured to coach, encourage and most of all provide a soft introduction to regatta life, along with great fun and safe holiday experience.  Green Fleet will be using the ISAF Introductory Rules of Sailing and limited on-water coaching to assist sailors’ build their confidence and boat handling skills.

Green Fleet Time on Water: Approx. 2-3 Hours

Green Fleet Wind Limit: 15 knots


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